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Values and Ethos

What is school for?

Such a simple question you might think, and it may at first surprise  you to learn that we have had to think long and hard about that question! (if you give it a go yourself you will discover that answer is a long one- and keeps on getting longer the more you think about it.)


At Sewell Park we believe that school is a place for deliberately providing the experiences and guidance necessary in order to grow a young person into the most successful possible version of that young person that we can during their time with us.

  • We want them to learn the best of what is known about our world and our role within it

  • We want them to learn to embrace challenge, and to not shy away from tackling difficult things

  • We want them to learn about hundreds of future careers of value, and aspire to pursue one in later life

  • We want them to understand that our values direct many of our behaviours and we guide them to adopt positive social values as their own central character attributes

  • We work to develop in them over their five years with us a progressive, sophisticated body of societal knowledge and positive social and essential skills - ways of perceiving the world and behaving within it that best support high level success


Our approach to developing our learners into the best possible versions of themselves is based upon our use of a suite of course design and learning methods that enhance minds. In addition, we enable success through both an insistence on adherence to our core standards of respectfulness, calmness and engagement as well as through the careful teaching of a rich curriculum of social knowledge, interpersonal and essential skills. In essence, our pastoral, disciplinary and rewards programmes all share the aim developing specific ‘successful habits’ in our learners- ways of being that are most likely to bring success both in school every day, as well as in the wider world both now and in the future.

More detail about how we set about enriching minds through our academic curriculum can be found by clicking here. Click here to find out about our approach to teaching and learning, or here to find out about our approach to assessment.

Our innovative Social Curriculum that seeks to bestow in our learners the skills and social understanding needed to enable their success is detailed more fully here.

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