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Study +

The Sewell Park curriculum is unique. Using the latest research around cognitive science,

we have developed a strategy that supports students to revise effectively using the knowledge

they acquire in their subjects.


We want our students have a fantastic future

  • To help, we are supporting our students by teaching you how to build great study habits

  • This will help our students to gain the most from the subjects they study

  • Over time, these lessons will give our students the three keys to effective revision for exams. 










From the start of year 7, all students have timetabled Study+ lessons. At Key Stage 3 these lessons happen once per fortnight. At Key Stage 4, when the quantity and amount of knowledge needing to be retained increases, Study+ lessons are three times per fortnight.

What happens in these lessons?

Study+ lessons are designed to teach students how to manage their independent time, organise their workload and create useful resources. 


All students are taught effective revision and self-regulation strategies. We have endorsed two researched methods for retaining knowledge and retrieval - Cornell Notes and Quizzing. 


Core Knowledge

At the beginning of every half term, every student is given a core knowledge booklet to take home. In this booklet, each subject has created one page of the essential information that every student should know for the half term. This knowledge has been carefully selected to support students to provide them with the foundation for the next bit of learning. 


The Genius League

Every half term a Big Knowledge Quiz is set for each year group. All of the questions relate to their core knowledge booklets. Completing the quizzes gives students opportunities to win prizes and compete for a place in the Sewell Park Genius League. 

Core Knowledge

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