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Psychology is an academically rigorous discipline, which uses the scientific method
to conduct its research. At Sewell Park Academy, we aim to produce learners who
understand how the study of psychology can provide an insight into a whole range of
human phenomena. Students are taught to become critical thinkers, who will be able
to analyse and evaluate theories and research studies, and be able to design their
own psychological experiments. The key aims of this exciting course are
summarised below.

Students will:
• use specialist vocabulary, psychological concepts, terminology and convention to engage in the process of psychological enquiry
• acquire knowledge and understanding of psychology, developing an understanding of self and others, and how psychological understanding can help to explain everyday social phenomena
• understand how psychological research is conducted, including the role of scientific method and data analysis
• present information, develop arguments and draw conclusions through a critical approach to psychological evidence, developing as reflective thinkers
• develop an understanding of the relationship between psychology and personal, moral, social and cultural issues, and develop an understanding of ethical issues in psychology
• develop an understanding of psychological issues, the contribution of
psychology to individual, social and cultural diversity, and how psychology contributes to

The examination will measure the following assessment objectives:
• AO1: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of psychological ideas, processes and procedures.
• AO2: Apply knowledge and understanding of psychological ideas, processes and procedures.
• AO3: Analyse and evaluate psychological information, ideas, processes and procedures to make judgements and draw conclusions.


Curriculum Snapshots

Year 10
Year 11
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