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Update from Mr Day - 12/02/2021

Dear Parents and Carers,

I hope you and your families are remaining safe and well. I wanted to write to you as we have come to the end of a half term of remote learning due to the pandemic, impacted further this week by the snow and winter weather. We also will return from half term with a new timetable, which students should have received in the post, with Year 9 beginning their chosen GCSE courses.

Firstly, I would like to thank you all for your support for the remote learning which has been taking place. In many cases, you are not teachers or school staff yourselves, but have helped our students to access and succeed in their learning. This has supported the staff who have had to rapidly develop skills in remote lesson delivery which was never a part of their training for the job. I am proud of the work of all members of the community in ensuring learning continues, and the quality of work we have received reflects that. I appreciate how difficult the change has been for all, managing support for students alongside work and other aspects of life. As a parent, I can honestly say I find it much easier to have 30 Sewell Park students in a class in front of me, than I do helping a single 9-year-old in remote education at home!

Staff have been setting half term revision and review (homework) for students as we do usually each holiday, in order for students to ensure that they do not forget key aspects of information. I know some of you have requested this to help with routines in lockdown and others feel this may be too much at this time. We have set this to help support, consolidate and extend their learning. However, we are extremely mindful of the need for a break and for students to have time for activities which support mental health and a reduction in screen time. If you feel that your child has the desire or capacity then please make use of the work. However, if you feel that the opposite is the case, please use your discretion, I will completely support you with that decision.

Following half term, we expect to hear the plans from the Government on any potential return to school for students from the 8th March. As soon as we have received the guidance from the Department of Education and had time to apply this to what it means for students at Sewell Park, I will write to you with all the information and details. This also applies to the awarding of grades for our Year 11 students.

Please have a restful half term with your families, and I hope everyone in our community remains safe during this time. We look forward to returning to learning on the 22nd February.

Best wishes,

David Day


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