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Ukraine Assembly

Dear Parents and Carers,

At Sewell Park Academy, we have one of the most diverse and inclusive communities within Norwich and Norfolk. Over the last week or so, many of our young people, as well as adults, have been concerned with the global events in Ukraine.

This week we have adapted our regular assembly programme to ensure that we can speak to the students regarding conflict and their understanding and fears. For example, this week the History department will be delivering an assembly to the school regarding conflict, the history of the region and what is taking place at the moment.

Any members of our school community who are worried or have further questions can speak to our pastoral team and we will ensure they are supported by the best members of staff for the situation.

At Sewell Park we have always been very proud to have an inclusive and diverse community of nationalities and languages. A community where all groups interact to the best of our values and embrace the differences between us all. We will continue to support all students and ensure this culture continues to grow within the school.

Best wishes,

David Day


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