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Parklife - 19th January

We hope everyone is having a good week and start to the new year!

As always, we will continue to keep you up dated with any changes in respect of Covid. Please check your emails and this page regularly for updates, including today's earlier communication regarding face coverings - also sent by email.

Academy Governors

Are you, or do you know someone that might be, interested in becoming a Governor for Sewell Park? Visit our Governance page for more info!

This week we'd like to tell you about the fantastic student initiatives and opportunities on offer at SPA!

SPA Community Champion Award

This year, to help us celebrate the role that our students play in their community we have introduced a 'Community Champion Award'.

We launched this week with the Year 7 students and will be rolling out to the other year groups shortly. However, if you wish to nominate a student from another year, please feel free to do so!

We know that lots of our students do good deeds on a regular basis, for example, they may help an elderly neighbour walk their dog; offer a disabled person assistance in gardening; volunteer for a local charity, etc. It is those students that we wish to formally identify, reward for their efforts and share their stories more widely across the school community.

How can a student receive this award? There are three ways in which students can achieve this award and earn their badge:

  • A student can choose to nominate themselves by telling us exactly what they do in the local community to support others.

  • A student can nominate a friend or classmate on their behalf, letting us know about the great things that a fellow student does in the local community to support others

  • A member of the local community (a parent, relative, friend, responsible adult) who knows of the efforts of a student can contact the school and inform us about the great things that a fellow student does in the local community to support others

Nominate now, simply email me at:

Enrichment Opportunity's at Sewell Park

Enrichment is a great opportunity for the students to get involved in activities that peak their interest and inspire them for the future. To support this, the enrichment passport has been developed to ensure that everyone gets a fair chance at experiencing everything that the school has to offer. The enrichment passport has 6 buckets and all activities fall into these bucket areas. Each half term, every student gets their passport from their form time folders and is able to fill in their passport and identify their enrichment focus for the next half term!

There is a vast enrichment programme available. To see what opportunities are available this half term, please visit the Clubs & Enrichment section of the schools website!

We are always looking for new ideas so if there is something that you would love to do that is not available, please speak to Mrs Perkins (PE) to see what we can do!

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