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Norwich attendance letter

Dear Parent/Carer,

Norwich secondary school headteachers have come together to meet a challenge with low pupil attendance in the city. Across the country post COVID, attendance at school has not returned to expected levels. In Norwich we want to support and improve this. If your child is a regular attender, we are genuinely thankful for your efforts.

We know that pupils fall behind their friends and classmates when they miss school. There is also evidence that regular attendance at school is crucial for good mental and physical wellbeing, happiness and resilience to prepare for adult life. Too many Norwich students are not yet attending school regularly enough to get the full benefit, enjoyment and experience out of growing up.

We are working hard to deliver a positive, engaging and meaningful school experience. The social opportunities to find friends, shared interests and lifelong connections at school are more important than ever. As social media and the online world become all-consuming for young people, school has a vital part to play in building life skills and preparing young people to succeed in the real world.

We understand the issues.

We know that for some families, maintaining regular attendance might be easier said than done. Young people can be anxious, feel they don’t fit in, or perhaps feel that they are the only ones facing their particular problems. We know too that it can be a test of our own resilience as parents and carers to get our children up and out in the morning. Because we understand this, all Norwich schools have a comprehensive range of strategies to help and support you to ensure your child attends and thrives in school. Please let us help you.

What we can do to help

Please talk to us about what your child needs to help them get back to attending regularly by calling your school office and asking to be referred to the attendance team. Together we can work out what support we can put in place to help your child back to school.

What other help is available?

If you need more support as a family, you can find help for a range of issues via the Family Hub online at or you can call them on 01603 2 303 359. For health and wellbeing needs, NHS Children & Young People services are brought together at or call 0300 300 0123.

Regular attendance is vital for a happy, healthy childhood. Norwich headteachers invite you to work with us to ensure children attend regularly and can flourish in school. Please talk to us, together we can make this happen.

Thank you for your support.

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