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Learning from home letter - 01/12/2020

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Dear Parents/Carers,

Your child will hopefully be attending school despite the most recent lockdown, but we would like to reiterate the provisions we have put in place for the different circumstances during this unprecedented period.

If students are self-isolating, students have been directed to where the blended learning resources are available for their subject, so that students can access from home with an internet-enabled device. Further advice and guidance can also be accessed via the school’s website. Any questions regarding the subject content or where to access the material can be directed to the student’s subject teacher via Google Classroom or email.

Should there be a bubble (year group) or the unlikely event, a whole school closure, once every fortnight:

  • Main class teachers of KS4 GCSE subjects and all KS3 subjects will hold a Q&A session with pupils to explore the intended learning as set out on the blended learning document. These will be held at the time of when the classroom teacher would usually be teaching the class during the fortnight. These will also be recorded and available for the pupils to watch at another time should the set time not work for them at home.

  • A subject teacher will hold a live Google Hangout/Meet where the class is invited to attend to ask any questions they have about the work set and to gain explanation from a teacher concerning areas of difficulty or misconception.

  • KS4 GCSE subjects and all KS3 subjects will have a recorded video for each class. Student video and audio will be muted and any communication should be done through the chat function for the whole group.

Sewell Park Academy is committed to working in close partnership with families and recognises each family is unique. Because of this, remote learning will look different for different families in order to suit their individual needs. We will be providing printed packs for students where they have no internet enabled device in the household should they be self-isolating or have time off due to a bubble or whole school closure.

We would encourage parents to support their children’s work, including finding an appropriate place to work and, to the best of their ability, encouraging them to work with good levels of concentration.

If you are finding that this is not being provided whilst your child is absent from school due to Covid, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Finally, I’d like to thank you all for the continued support for the safety measures and provisions we have in place at Sewell Park to continue to ensure the safety of our pupils.

Best wishes,

Adam Lewis

Assistant Headteacher

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