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Nurture/ Raising Achievement



Nurture supports students with specific learning needs through offering a balance of educational and domestic experiences. All nurture lessons have a social focus that is taught while also supporting the national curriculum. Students will have eleven timetabled lessons over their two week timetable covering English, maths, design & technology, geography, music and drama. Nurture creates relationships based on valuing each other and applies the principles of nurture: 


Children's learning is understood developmentally
Staff are aware of students developmental progress and respond to their individual needs.

The classroom offers a safe base
Through the organisation and management of nurture, the classroom contains students anxieties and builds positive relationships for students to express their feelings and emotions. 

The importance of nurture for the development of wellbeing
Nurture involved listening and responding. Students respond to being viewed as an individual and have small achievements praised to make them feel valued. 

Language is a vital means of communication
Nurture supports students in putting feelings into words. In nurture the informal learning opportunities for talking and sharing are just as important as the formal learning opportunities.


All behaviour is communication
Staff are able to recognise what a student is trying to communicate through behaviour and apply firm and consistent boundaries to support the young person and not provoke the situation. 

Transitions are significant in the lives of children

The nurture group supports students in making transitions. This begins when leaving primary and starting Sewell Park Academy and beyond. Nurture continues to support students as they transition through secondary school, both in their personal life and educational life. 

Nurture/ Raising Achievement Curriculum Snapshots

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