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Absence and Attendance

We expect students to attend for 100% of the academic year. Evidence clearly shows having a high attendance is one of the main factors in students achieving the best grades.

'On the day' absences: What should I do if my child is not 'fit' to go into school?

On each day that your child is unfit to come to school, please report this absence using the attendance line on 
01603 779990 and leave a message. You can also email the school officeIn the message you must state your child's full name, year, form group and specific reason for absence. The information you give will be recorded on our official register. 

You can support your child to have excellent attendance by taking these steps:
  • Ensure your child arrives on time for school every day and is ready to learn. Arriving after registration is recorded as an unauthorsed absence. Students must be in school by 8:30am.
  • Avoid taking holidays during term time.
  • If your child appears to be only slightly ill, send them into school. We have staff who will contact you if their condition deteriorates.
  • Please contact the school immediately if your child expresses any barriers to attend.
  • Book any medical appointments outside of school hours. If this is unavoidable, please book for as late in the afternoon as possible and inform the school of appointments in advance.
  • Supply a copy of the appointment card  hospital letter if your child has an appointment during school hours.
If your child becomes reluctant to go to school or you need help, please contact the school immediately; we are more likely to be able to work together to solve any problems if we act early.
Leave of Absence
There may be exceptional circumstances where you need to request a leave of absence for your child. Please use our 'leave of absence' request form to make these types of requests. The form should be submitted in advance of the leave of absence, by handing in to the school office. You will receive a letter in response, to advise if the request has been granted or declined.
Students are expected to arrive on time for school in the morning and for every lesson during the day. Your child is late for school if they are not lined up in the correct area for their Period 1 lesson by 8.30am.
The Government remains very clear that no child should miss school apart from in exceptional circumstances and schools must continue to take steps to reduce absence to support children's attainment. I hope we can count on your support in this matter.
Regular and punctual attendance at school is a legal requirement and plays a significant part in students achieving their goals. We regularly monitor the attendance of all students and will use fast track prosecutions and attendance panels to support attendance where necessary. 
In Norfolk, Fixed Term Penalty Notices (FPN) are issued in accordance with the Norfolk Local Protocol, to find out more please visit Norfolk County Council's school attendance webpage.
Please contact Richard Moore or Kayleigh Attew if you require any support with ensuring your child's regular school attendance.

Further details can be found in our Attendance and Punctuality ProcedurePunctuality and Legal Intervention letters. Along with information on the intervention tiers.
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