Support for Learning

At Sewell Park Academy, we believe in a personalised approach to learning. We ensure that our staff and curriculum take into account the individual learning styles, needs and abilities of the diverse student body, in both teaching and assessment, and that intervention is provided as needed throughout all year groups.  


Through this structured and responsive learning environment, an ethos is created in which all our young people are able to participate, make progress and achieve.

Whether they have a learning difficulty or a special talent, all students are supported to maximise their achievement. This support can take many forms: within lessons, during form times or offsite; differentiated work; extension activities; withdrawal for small-group work or individual tuition. Our Raising Achievement Base provide a range of additional support and programmes beyond the classroom.

Students are encouraged to share their views and ideas through the student council, learning forums, in interviewing new staff and in being part of the student leadership team.  They have an important contribution to make in ensuring the highest standard of teaching and learning and in determining the future direction of the school.

Sewell Park Academy. Where you will find - 

  • An environment where students feel secure and welcome, and which facilitates the education of all students.

  • Effective learning and social support for students with special educational needs, pastoral needs and non-native speakers of English.

  • Emphasis on the development of academic literacy and numeracy to ensure all students have full access to the curriculum.

  • Provision of opportunities for higher ability students to develop higher cognitive skills.

  • Personalised intervention as a cornerstone of the Academy. 

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