Rightforsuccess Trust renamed

January 10, 2020


Dear Parent/Carer


On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I am writing to advise you that, the Trust which runs your child’s school will be changing its name. As of 11th January 2020, Rightforsuccess Academy Trust will be renamed Boudica Schools Trust.


So why Boudica you may be asking? The Board and Leadership of the Trust and its schools, felt strongly that our name should represent more clearly our core values and our status as a Norfolk Trust. Boudica has come to represent the struggle to overcome the odds, an enduring reminder that the underdog can achieve great feats. A local girl who became a folk hero and an important cultural symbol for the entire country,  whose exploits have endured a millennium. As a Trust we want to instil the belief in our pupils that they have the capacity to make their mark on the world, regardless of the odds they may have to overcome to do so and that we will be courageous and relentless in ensuring they have the best possible opportunity to do that. In that context, we feel strongly that 'Boudica' is very much the right image for our Trust.


Whilst email addresses have changed to reflect the new name, please be assured that any emails directed to previous Rightforsuccess email addresses will be automatically forwarded to the appropriate recipients.


Yours sincerely



Don Evans


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