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Students' Return to Year Group Zones from Monday 21st June - 18/06/2021

Dear Parents/Carers,

Unfortunately, due to the recent bad weather, we have experienced some flooding within the Maths Block and will therefore need to close the block completely while the damage is repaired. Given that this means the school loses use of 10 classrooms, we have made the decision to return to Year Group zones from Monday 21st June, moving Year 8 to the Science Block now that our Year 11s have left school.

This means that Years 7, 9 and 10 will return to having their form time and classes in their previous zones:

Year 7 - Rooms 3-10

Year 9 - Rooms 13-16

Year 10 - Design & Technology Block

Year 8 will be based in the Science Block and will therefore use the Constitution Hill gate (the old Y11 Gate) nearest the block to enter the school - please see map attached. Please note - the St Clements Hill Gate near the Nursery will be locked from Monday.

We hope this will be a short-term solution and students can once again return to moving around the school as they have in the last week. The students will be informed in PM form time today.

Many thanks,


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