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Spring Half Term update - 11/02/2022

Dear Parents, Carers and Students,

As we end the first half of the spring term, after the last two years it feels very positive for the future to have events taking place for the first time in a long period of time for our students.

Amongst all of the fantastic work across the school this term, we have had two fantastic three day residential trips to Liverpool with 90 Year 7 and 8 students able to experience the art and culture of the city, as well as being able to plan the return of our SMSC (Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural) days at the end of the year - a chance for students to have new experiences and learn new skills. A vital part of our Sewell Park curriculum for all.

I hope you will have seen our new “Parklife” blog posts on the website - this is our way to keep you regularly updated with the exciting things happening at Sewell Park and the amazing work of our students. We are also looking at imminently implementing systems for you to receive alerts regarding our students receiving stars and rewards for our Habits for Success - as we recognise this is an area you need to hear more about consistently.

As a school proud of our local community, it is pleasing to see such a positive article about our local area in the EDP ( As an integral part of this thriving community, we continue to go from strength to strength, and are delighted to have had a record number of first choice preferences for our new intake of students for September 2022.

With this continued growth of our school, we have continued our recruitment to ensure we provide the best education for our students possible. I would like to introduce Mr Pegg, Raising Achievement Manager, and Mrs Main, Reading Intervention Manager who have started this term and already fitted in superbly. Miss Self, Reading Intervention Manager, and Miss Eastick, Year Leader, will be joining us after the half term break.

The end of this half term is also a time to acknowledge some members of our current staff. Sadly Mr Greg Payne, Head of History, is leaving Sewell Park Academy. Mr Payne has had a huge influence on the History curriculum and the uptake of the subject by students, as well as student results in History at GCSE level. We wish him and his family well on an amazing opportunity to live and teach in the Seychelles - I know there is a queue of staff wishing to set up a school twinning visit! I also want to take a moment to acknowledge Mrs Sonya Gilbert, our Finance Officer. This point in the year marks 30 years she has worked at the school, whether at Sewell Park or the predecessor school, and her dedication to the school and community is an exemplification of all our values.

We are very proud of the work being done at Sewell Park, the support from you all and our community overall. Thank you all for your continued support in ensuring we work together to enable our students to have the best possible opportunities for the future. As families, please enjoy a restful half term.

Best wishes,

David Day


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