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Comic Relief 17th March - Non uniform fundraiser

Dear Parents and Carers

There has been an overwhelming response from students in the school requesting a non uniform day to raise funds for Comic Relief.

This has been communicated through the student leaders and we are really impressed by how responsible the students have been about this request and the ideas they have come up with to ease any concerns we have.

In the past we have run non-uniform days and, on occasions, they have been problematic so, we did stop them from taking place. Previously we have had to send a number of students home because their attire was not appropriate for school. We have also encountered a large number of students who have been unwilling to make a financial contribution but still feel they are entitled to relax the rules around uniform.

From the information received through our Student Leaders we have agreed to allow students to run this event with very clear expectations for the day. Please take careful note of the points below.

Attire - no cropped tops or revealing clothes and no fancy dress - hoodies are allowed but no hoods up around the school, inside or outside, unless it is raining. Students are not to dress in a manner that could make pupils and adults in the school feel uncomfortable.

  • Behaviour - we expect students to maintain high standards of behaviour at all times.

  • Donations - all students who choose to wear non-uniform are expected to make a minimum of a £1.00 donation, form tutors will collect money from Monday 13th March.

  • Attendance - we will monitor attendance for the day and if there is a noticeable drop we will have to consider running such days in the future

  • Staff management of the day - Senior Leaders will be on duty at the gates - If a pupils attire is deemed inappropriate they will be asked to go home and change, parents will be notified of this. Form tutors will also check their tutees during form time and notify the behaviour team if there are any concerns.

Of course we hope to have a really enjoyable day where we feel as a community we can really pull together and raise a substantial amount of money for a very worthy cause and perhaps collectively make it possible for these days to happen more frequently.

I hope, like me, you feel the students have been mature and sensible in their approach to this event and will do all that you can to support this event. This is also a testament of how fantastic our Student Leaders are in communicating the thoughts and ideas students have and enabling the school to continually improve.

Thanks in advance

Sewell Park Academy

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