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Our Social Curriculum

This year we have launched our social curriculum alongside our academic curriculum. We have been explicitly teaching students the behaviours we expect in social situations, including unstructured time. We are all working on the expectations in 10 situations such as at the starts of lessons, during group work and during break and lunch times.

We want our social curriculum to be built around instilling the social values of:

  1. Being calm

  2. Being respectful

  3. Engaging fully with the directed activity or instruction

We believe that the widespread adoption of these values will create a climate of respectful, focused learning.

We actively teach behaviours that help create such a climate, and we have a rewards system that recognizes when learners develop their capacities to behave in ways that express these social values.

Our core school rules penalise undesirable behaviours that conflict with our social values:

  1. Avoid disrupting the learning of others

  2. Be respectful

  3. Engage fully with the learning task


To support a calm learning environment we are conscious of the effect of noise. We recognize the following sound levels that staff can insist that learners adopt:

  • Silence

  • Quiet voice (sounds / words only heard by partners or teammates)

  • Discussion voice (easily heard by all classmates)

  • Presentation voice (heard in all corners of a room)

  • Outside voice (OK only at breaks and lunch- but never an angry voice

Our social routines

To ensure that our social values are upheld in critical situations, there are specific and detailed social routines that we teach all learners and that we insist are followed by all staff at all times in and around the school. Click HERE to see the document about those social routines.

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