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Year 9 and 10 Revision Strategies

Thank you to all those that attended the 'Revision Skills & Strategies Evening' on 12th March, and for those that couldn't make it, we hope your child enjoyed the in-school sessions instead.

The aim of the sessions is to help your child prepare for upcoming PPEs (pre-public exams) and develop skills that they can use for their GCSE courses.

We hope that you will find the presentation and resource booklets below useful for encouraging these strategies at home. Simply click on the links to view.

Year 9 'Now and The Future' Booklet

Year 10 'Strategies for Success' Booklet

Revision Strategies Presentation

We'd like to say a huge thank you to 'Learning Performance' for running the sessions and giving our students (and parents) some valuable advice and inspiration, and for providing these resources! You can find out more about them here:


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