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Year 10 and 11 Extended Day Proposal

Sewell Park Academy are consulting with year 9 and 10 parents and students regarding extending the statutory school day for years 10 and 11 from 5th September 2017 until 16.15 on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. It will become compulsory for all year 10 and 11 students to attend until this time.

Students will attend independent learning sessions with members of staff to support independent study, revision and exam preparation for GCSEs. Students can also attend subject specific sessions to provide specialised support with coursework, revision, key concepts and exam practice. These sessions will not be run as traditional lessons at the Academy but as more personalised learning opportunities working specifically on homework, revision and exam techniques. Year 10 will have the opportunity to take part in extra sessions involving Sport, Music and other Enrichment opportunities.

All students will take the Certificate in Financial Education equivalent to a GCSE which provides essential life skills and an additional qualification to support College and 6th Form applications, 85% of our current year 11 students have gained a C grade or above in this subject.

The reasons for the extended day is to support your child further and provide the best opportunities for success in the future. It will improve student progress and grades in the GCSEs, provide support and guidance to enable students to prepare independently for GCSE exams at home, provide guaranteed time to complete homework, courses, revision and exam preparation time each week and ensure three hours of additional subject/school based support is given.

In school research shows that students want additional support in order to do well in the exams.

We welcome feedback on the proposal from parents and students and a questionnaire has been emailed to you for you to return with your views, as well as this, there will also be a short presentation and an opportunity to ask questions at Sewell Park on Tuesday 4th July at 17:00. Please complete all returns by Wednesday 5th July 2017.

Click here to download a copy of this letter

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