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Our Staff

Senior Leadership 

"It has been rewarding working at Sewell Park. The Trust has given the school managers the freedom to create a very holistic and inclusive work environment. Staff morale is high and the school itself continues to improve across the board"
Toby, October 2023

"As my placement at Sewell Park comes to an end, I just wanted to say a big thank you for having me. Every single member of staff I've met have been so kind, welcoming and helpful and I'm really going to miss them. I'm also going to miss all the young people I've met - they are bright and good humoured and I have learned a lot from them. Thank you again for such an inspiring and fun-filled few months at SPA. I've thoroughly enjoyed my time here and everyone involved has made it a really easy placement - in a good way! And I'll be first in line to come back when an opening becomes available."
Tabitha, March 2022

Heads of Year
Heads of Department
Miss A Duncan
Mr J Dempsey
Mrs K Holmes
Mrs S Ray
Mr J Mccarron Steward
Mr A Spicer
Ms M Gibson
Ms L Hesmondhalgh
Mr S Merry
Mrs M Esherwood
Miss K Fisher
Mrs A Kettle
Mrs L Perkins

Head of English 
Head of Maths 
Head of Science 
Head of Geography
Head of History
Head of RE, Citizenship and Psychology
Head of Business, IT and Health & Social Care
Head of Technology
Head of Art
Head of Music
Head of Performing Arts
Head of Modern Foreign Language
Head of Physical Education
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