Houses and Forms

Head Boy and Girl, and some of our Year 11 House Captains 2019/20

Each student is placed in a form group belonging to one of four Houses; Cavell, Kett, Marchesi and Paget.  The Houses, each led by an Assistant Headteacher (Head of House) with a support team, are the family hearts of our Academy. Our Year 11 students make up their own 'house' led by Mrs Barwick, again with a support team, to give them the best opportunities to progress in their final year.


Assistant Head's play an important role in the achievement of every student within their House.  They track the progress of their students as well as attendance and behaviour data.  The form tutors ensure that "every student is known", and their worries, issues, progress, achievements and reasons to celebrate are recognised.  No student is ever overlooked!


Students are assigned to a form group in Year 7 and can discuss any problems or worries they may have with their Form Tutor.  The form group consists of students from year groups 7-10, which helps to integrate new students into the academy.

Tutors also have regular learning conversations with all their students about how they are progressing in their subjects. The Form Tutor will always know your child best as they have a full picture of what is happening in their school life.  

Assistant Headteachers

(Heads of House) 


Our form times at Sewell Park Academy are an important part of the school day.  One day is given over to discussion of a spiritual, moral, social or cultural issue.  A second is used to improve literacy and numeracy skills. On the third day, students use their knowledge of subjects and current affairs to compete with other houses in a curriculum/current affairs quiz.


All students are expected to attend two assemblies each week, a Whole School Assembly and a House Assembly. Assemblies are linked to spiritual, moral, social and cultural issues as well as specific events which occur throughout the world at different times.  They also provide the launch for the weekly challenge and ‘thought for the day’.  Any parent wishing to withdraw their child from this whole school activity should write to the Head of School in the first instance.

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