Homework - Revision and Review

The purpose of ‘Revision and Review’ is to get students into good habits of regularly looking back at work they have done in the recent and more distant past; to improve their recall of important facts and figures; to practice different memory techniques.

We are using Google Classroom to communicate R&R to students and their

Parents/Carers, this has replaced “Show My Homework” as the place staff will

set all homework.

With this simple system you will receive a weekly email with a summary of:

  •  Missing work—Work that’s late at the time the email was sent

  •  Upcoming work that’s due in the upcoming week

  •  Class activity—Announcements, assignments, and questions recently posted by teachers

PLEASE NOTE: In order for work to be recorded as submitted the student has to click the ‘Hand In’ button on the assignment – teachers cannot mark this at their end of the process. This presents a great opportunity for checking and discussing the work set with your child.

You will receive summary information from school as part of your child’s Progress Reports throughout the year. These will be based on information recorded by staff.


To set the Classroom Emails up: you will receive an email from a no-reply@classroom.google.com address to the Priority 1 email account that you provided to Sewell Park. This will invite you to view your child’s work. After reading the notes:

  • click accept

  • click accept a second time

If you wish to be able to change the frequency of the emails you need a Google email account. You can choose to set one up at this point.

Students can access the Revision & Review through their school Google Account. We would always encourage parents to take an interest in their child’s ‘R&R’ so that you are aware of what they are being asked to do, the frequency of the work, and how well they are making progress.


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