Free School Meal Voucher Status

Summer Holiday Vouchers

The government have agreed to fund vouchers for free school meals until the end of the Summer holidays in response to Covid-19 and have provided us with instructions:

We are to provide a single voucher or eCode for each eligible student covering the whole period (in our case this is £105 per student - which is 7 weeks x £15).

The order was placed on 10th July 2020 and emails were sent on 20th July 2020

If you have 2 eligible children at school you will get 2 eCodes or vouchers (etc.)

eCodes can be converted into vouchers as usual at

Vouchers do not have to be completely spent in one shopping trip, you can use the voucher for multiple shopping trips across the holiday until the balance remaining on the voucher is used up. The supermarket can tell you how much is left on a voucher in store.

Wrapping the Scheme Up

Once we reach the end of term we will lose access to the admin and ordering system, so I am going to go through and resend every outstanding eCode from previous weeks that has not yet been redeemed to a voucher to you again in the hope that you can either try redeeming it yourself or...

If anyone has any problems please call the school before the end of term as after that we will no longer be able to help you with this directly.

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