The Sewell Park Academy curriculum offers all students a broad and balanced programme of study, which allows students to achieve and access appropriate future pathways for life.

The academy operates a two week timetable with, with twenty five 1 hour lessons per week (some lessons are taught as double periods), to give a broad and balanced curriculum for all students. 

A full overview of the Sewell Park Academy curriculum can be found here.


At Sewell Park Academy, we are constantly reviewing our curriculum offer. We will be updating all members of our community shortly regarding the exciting developments we have in place for September 2020 and beyond


In Years 7 and 8 students study a broad range of subjects including: English, Mathematics, Science, Computer Science, French, Geography, History, Citizenship, PSHE & Religious Education; Art, Design Technology, Drama, Music and PE.


Our priorities are to ensure that students make good progress and that they develop the skills they need to be successful across a range of subjects.  Some students may be offered additional literacy or numeracy or an opportunity to develop their study skills through personalised intervention programmes run by our well qualified Raising Achievement team. Our nurture programme runs to support those students most in need.


When they are in Year 8, students are helped to select the ‘Option’ subjects they wish to study during Key Stage 4.  


Students are given careers advice as part of their Citizenship course and our Aspirations Month to make appropriate options choices for Key Stage 4.  Further information is given in a booklet of courses, a Year 8 Parents’ Information Evening and personalised guidance from our Careers Adviser.  With the students’ ability, interests and aspirations in mind, we will ensure that they choose the qualifications which are best suited to them. Equipping our students to achieve GCSE and vocational qualifications at the highest grades possible is very important to us all.

YEARS 9, 10 AND 11

Our Key Stage 4 programme is delivered over three years as we believe our students are ready for more focused work which will lead them to achieve outstanding success by attaining high grades in a range of GCSE/vocational qualifications.  They will be supported and monitored closely throughout the duration of their course.

All students will study the ‘Core Subjects’ of English (Language and Literature), Mathematics, Science (Combined General Science or separate awards in Biology, Chemistry and Physics), Citizenship, Religious Studies and Physical Education.

During year 9, students take their GCSE options, and, in addition to their ‘Core Subjects’, select 4 subjects from across the curriculum. Students are asked to select at least one from the ‘EBacc’ range of subjects (Modern Foreign Languages, History, Geography and Computer Science), however they may study more.

Below is a list of GCSE or equivalent qualifications which students are able to study through the options process in Years 9, 10 and 11. We are constantly reviewing these to ensure students have the widest range of choice and courses most suitable for their individual needs and future pathways.

KS4 Courses 

Additional Science (GCSE)

Art (GCSE)

Biology (GCSE)

Business Studies (OCR National)

Chemistry (GCSE)

Citizenship/RE (GCSE)

Computing (GCSE)

Design & Technology (GCSE)

Drama (BTEC)

English (GCSE)

English Literature (GCSE)

Finance (CeFE)

Food Preparation and Nutrition (GCSE)

French (GCSE)

Geography (GCSE)

Health and Fitness (Vcert)

Health and Social Care (OCR National)

History (GCSE)

Information and Communication Technology (OCR National)

Mathematics (GCSE)

Media Studies (GCSE)

Music (BTEC)

Photography (GCSE)

Sports Studies (OCR National)

Physics (GCSE)

Religious Education (GCSE)

Science (GCSE)

Any additional information regarding the curriculum can be obtained through contacting the appropriate Head of Department. For further detail on the overall curriculum, please contact the Director with responsibility for curriculum.

Curriculum Content

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