COVID-19 In-school testing programme

Since announced, members of staff within Sewell Park have been making specific arrangements for the Governments proposed
COVID-19 Lateral Flow Device (LFD) testing of staff and students, to identify asymptomatic cases only. Below are links to several documents giving specific details about the process and what is required. We also have a detailed risk assessment which can be read here
In order for testing to take place, parents and carers must give consent for students below the age of 16. Students in Year 11, over the age of 16, may consent themselves having discussed with their parents. We would ask that you provide evidence of your consent through completing the following Google Form:


Alternately you can print, complete and return the paper consent form linked below.

We would ask that all parents and carers complete this form so we are aware if consent has been given or has been refused. A new form will be required for each student who attends Sewell Park.


Although any testing for most students will not begin until students return to learning in person at Sewell Park Academy, our preparation will be significantly supported if these can be completed in advance. For those children of Critical Workers and Vulnerable (CWV) students , who are currently attending in person, our proposal is to begin regular testing of students from Monday 11th January. Staff attending school will also be tested on a weekly basis. We hope this testing programme will play a significant factor in keeping our community safe, as there has been a rapid rise in cases (a 1969% increase) reported in our catchment within December.

Any student attending school and presenting with COVID-19 symptoms will not be able to take a LFD test in school but instead will be given information on getting a PCR test from an official test site or ordering a home testing kit. 

We understand that some parents and carers may have questions regarding the process. Below are links to some FAQs and guides however, please feel free to contact us through the office on 01603 411721 or and we will look to answer these as soon as possible. Also below is a letter written by the NHS on Mr Day's behalf, with a bit more information should you wish to read it.

Consent form (paper copy)

SPA NHS COVID-19 testing for schools letter

SPA COVID-19 testing Privacy Notice

Data Protection COVID-19 Testing FAQs

How to do your COVID-19 test instruction leaflet for schools

Schools & Colleges Handbook - guidance for parents and students