COVID student on-site testing

Student testing will resume at the start of the autumn term, commencing with two Lateral Flow Device (LFD) tests on-site at Sewell Park Asymptomatic Testing Site (ATS). 

ATS testing

Students with consent will be offered two on-site tests, three to four days apart, before returning to school in September. The purpose of this testing is to identify cases of COVID and to stop transmission to support the return to school, particularly as students will not be testing for a long period over the summer. It will also give new students, possibly testing for the first time, the opportunity to get used to swabbing in a supervised environment before moving to home testing.

Sewell Park will continue to operate a small ATS for those students unable or unwilling to test themselves at home and arrangements for this will need to be discussed with our COVID Coordinators.

Consent for Testing

We must have consent in order for a student to take part in on-site testing. Before consent is given, the person giving consent needs to read the Privacy Notice for ATS testing to understand what will happen with the data provided.

Students younger than 16 years - consent must be given by the legal parent or guardian.

Students over 16 may consent themselves.

Consent for student participation can be given, or withdrawn, at anytime by completing this consent form

(To receive a paper copy of this form please email or download here).


ATS testing timetable for September return

We are planning to test students in all year groups on Friday 3rd September and Monday 6th September. Students taking part in the testing programme will be required to attend both days at the following times:


Year 7 - arrive St Clements Hill ‘Nursery’ Gate between 9am and 9.30am


Before beginning Year 7 in-school testing, we must first have the consent form completed and submitted. We cannot test your child without it. Even if you do not wish to have your child tested, please return the form choosing the option ‘I do not consent’. All the relevant information relating to testing can be found on our website:


Year 8 - arrive St Clements Hill ‘Nursery’ Gate between 11.15am and 11.30am

Year 9 - arrive St Clements Hill ‘Nursery’ Gate between 12.30pm and 12.45pm

Year 10 - arrive St Clements Hill ‘Nursery’ Gate between 2pm and 2.15pm

Year 11 - arrive St Clements Hill ‘Nursery’ Gate between 3pm and 3.15pm


The students should enter the site at the correct time through the St Clements Hill entrance by the Chestnut Nursery. They will then enter the Sports Hall as directed by staff, from the long corridor. Once the students have completed their tests, they must leave the site by the Constitution Hill gates, except new Year 7 students who will be brought back out to the St Clements Hill ‘Nursery’ Gate. In the case of a positive LFD test, we will inform parents immediately.