National Curriculum


Pupils will be have the opportunity to: - 

Master all 4 key skills in languages: reading, writing, speaking and listening and demonstrate this in classroom activities

Explore Spanish & Latin American culture

Learn words and use this to create sentences

Look at texts and master pronouns, connectives and tenses

Explore intercultural understanding


Why is Spanish valuable?


Spanish is taught at year 7 assuming little or no knowledge because Primary Schools do not specialise in Languages and are often taught by their class teachers who are non-specialists. Pupils explore another language and culture, which teaches them about the world around us, as their exposure to culture is already quite limited. Pupils will also see direct links to the English language through vocabulary for familiarity to take away from their ‘fear’ of Languages and draw on these skills to master the language. There are many social, moral, cultural ideas within each topic, which pupils will be able to explore and aid their learning. 


We use the Mira books


  • Pupils will learn from Mira 1 textbook upon arrival to school and finish off units 4 & 5 

  • Grammar often gets recycled in Spanish, therefore, the grammar that they have currently missed out on they can catch up with later on

  • Vocabulary might have to take the hit and they will have to catch up with this if they decide to take GCSE OR vocabulary lists might have to be given at a later stage and they can revise this for a vocabulary test once we are clear on what will happen when they go back


National Curriculm


Pupils will be able to: - 

  • Explore topics in depth that have been covered at KS3

  • Develop skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking

  • Produce longer texts using all three tenses, connectives and a range of vocabulary

  • Revision of present tense verbs 

  • Revision of present tense verbs 

  • Revision of preterite tense verbs

  • Revision of countries


Why is Spanish valuable?


Pupils will draw on previously taught work from KS3 and gain further understanding of the language and culture. Pupils will also explore global issues that not only affect them but in other countries. Pupils will also gain confidence in speaking a different language and make them more ‘employable’ within the working world. Pupils will also gain a rich cultural understanding and make direct links to other languages should they choose to go onto learning another language and A-level Spanish.

Key Ideas: At KS4 pupils will be exploring environmental issues, global issues and personal relationships in comparison to Spain 

Literacy: Use of all three tenses, drawing on previously learnt vocabulary as well as new vocabulary, connectives, use of pronouns, adverbs of frequency

Careers: Pupils will be able to explore the jobs that are available and incorporated into each topic

Spanish Curriculum Snapshots