Careers, Guidance and Inspiration

The Ethos of Sewell Park Academy Careers and Guidance is to develop high aspirations and inspire young people and open their minds to the variety of opportunities.

We focus on three main areas - Inspirations, Aspirations and Destination - which are all supported with help of independent careers advisors and are carried out through programs, projects and events all with the focus of connecting Education and Business.

We see the importance of this connection from the very start of a young person’s journey at high school. The focus slightly changes with each year, moving the students along the path to eventually getting them to a destination that they are happy and comfortable with and one that will open many opportunities to future careers.


Our Focused Structure - 


Year 7 – Is very much focused around Inspiration. Throughout the year the students will have the opportunity to take part in structured Enterprise Challenges, showing the students all the aspects of setting up and running your own business. These events are supported by the Business community who come to the school and spend time with the students sharing their knowledge and expertise.


Year 8 – Aspirations is the focus – getting students to a place that gets them to start really thinking about their futures. Aspirations Fortnight really brings this to life when we focus the assemblies and lessons on careers and even go so far as to having industries come and take over the running of the lessons to show the students how and why subjects that they choose have influence on future career paths. Towards the end of the fortnight we then work with students and parents to choose their GCSE options.

Focus within this are STEM subjects and opportunities in the future.

Year 9 – Continuing with the theme of Aspirations we encourage the students to take part in our mentoring programme, which gets the students to think about themselves, what pressures they face, and how to overcome them, and then look at careers and aspirations. All of the mentoring projects are supported by local businesses who come to the school each week to help advise and guide.


Year 10 – Starting the Destination Journey. Year 10 students get the first chance to have 1:1 time with the Careers Adviser to discuss the different options available to them. Following these interviews, the students will have the opportunity to visit various sector-specific careers events where they can meet employers for industry and have further in-depth conversations about different jobs available and the different paths to get to them.

After Easter, further 1:1 appointments are arranged and the assembly focus changes to looking at all the providers that are available and what they have to offer.

We also focus on the applications process and the importance of having a CV and covering letters/emails so that our Year 10/11 students will be ready to apply in the next academic year. All girls take part in a Mentoring Programme throughout the year and alternative mentoring opportunities are provided for boys groups.


Year 11 - Continuing with the focus of Destination, September and October will see visits from local, providers including sixth forms, colleges and apprenticeship providers to give the most up to date information on the opportunities that are currently available.

Students are made aware of the requirement to continue studying English and Maths if they do not gain Level 4. Students know they must continue in education/training post-16.

November is then focused on engaging with parents to support their child’s decision. We will actively encourage their attendance of open days and evenings including our Fantastic Futures evening that will see all the local providers attend and give additional opportunity to ask specific questions about courses.

Continuing with support, Sewell Park will then have a whole week dedicated to Applications, ensuring that all our Year 11s are comfortable with their decisions and supporting them through the application process.

Following the applications week, Year 11 students will then have the opportunity to take part in mock interviews to ensure that they are all ready for their interviews ahead.

Work is carried out to identity those at risk of not participating post-16, from Spring Term of Year 11.

Personalised programmes are developed for students with EHC plans throughout Year 11 to enable successful transition to post-16 provision.

Student involvement is tracked and destination/career aspirations recorded from Year 10. Additional support and guidance is provided in August/September for Year 11 to ensure all students have a post-16 provision. Evaluations are carried out of activities undertaken.

The Academy is currently working towards the Quality in Careers standard.

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