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Best of Big Ideas


The Best of Big Ideas Snapshots

The Sewell Park curriculum is unique- and unlike many schools we focus on developing specific social skills in our learners and also have a real strategy in place for developing so called ‘cultural capital’ (which we define a bit more widely than is typical). 


Our KS3 programme appears to end half-way through Year 9, however that in fact is not strictly true! 

In the second half of Year 9 Sewell Park learners do begin their GCSE study, however once per week throughout the rest of Years 9, 10 and 11 they have timetabled ‘Best of Big Ideas’ lessons. These lessons cover subjects such as art, the performing arts, geography, history, computing but with a difference: They are designed to expose our learners to the VERY BEST of what those subjects have to offer outside of the prescribed National Curriculum or exam specification.

These Best of Big Ideas lessons explore the most important ideas, discoveries, people, concepts, explanations, methods, and happenings from those various subject areas. Each lesson has been crafted by subject teachers each of whom passionately believes that our learners really MUST know that material. 


We believe that in too many schools children stop discovering amazing things about our world (things of real cultural value) because they narrow their choices once they begin their GCSE programmes. WE make sure that our learners don’t get such a raw deal. Our Best of Big ideas programme maintains a breadth of study, developing their cultural literacy by educating them with the most valuable of material from all subjects, including those not being studied during Key Stage 4. 

Our fundamental aim is to inspire and enthuse them throughout their five years with the riches of our intellectual, artistic and physical world.

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