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Attitude to Achieve

Our Attitude to Achieve (ATA) system enables all staff and students to follow a simple and clear set of rules, allowing students to progress in every lesson. Our classroom rules are 
  • Mobile phones out of sight
  • Arrive equipped and ready to learn
  • Avoid disrupting the learning of yourself and others
  • Engage fully with the learning task
  • Be respectful
Students that break these rules are given a range of sanctions, this could be an after school reflection, day in inclusion, parental meeting with an Assistant Headteacher or exclusion - temporary or permanent.
For issues between students and/or staff where possible the Academy uses a restorative approach that aims to repair damaged relationships and help students accept responsibility for their actions.
We do believe that praise however, whether written or spoken, is a greater motivator than disciplinary sanctions, although these are sometimes necessary.
Students are rewarded in a variety of ways for good, sustained effort and achievement. Good attendance, work in class, and community service, individual students are rewarded with praise sheets, achievement certificates, post cards and letters home, badges and subject and effort prizes.
We also fully adhere to the Department for Education ‘Exclusion from Academies’ legal guide 2017 
This supports Sewell Park Academy in relation to the legislation that governs exclusion of students.
For more information please read our Attitude to Achieve procedure and the Trust's Behaviour policy
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