As an Academy we do have upper floors. We are mindful of the implications of physically disabled students accessing them. Lifts are available and there is an alternative method of returning the student to the ground floor in case of emergency, fire or lift failure.


Science, Design, the Main Hall, Dance Studio, Maths, and Business buildings are fully compliant. Classes that would normally take place in the Library would be moved to ground floor classrooms.


Mobility around the site may be an issue in terms of doors in corridors and some rooms in the Main building have a step leading into the classroom. We have a portable ramp to allow wheelchair access.


Desking in Science and Design, which have been modified to accommodate disabled students. There are computer stations in Room 11, Woodland, and Walpole Suite which are adjustable for disabled students.


There are disabled toilets within Science, Design, the Business Centre, Sports Centre, and the Main building (the latter only accessible by using a ramp).


There are two disabled car parking spaces at the front of the school and staff monitor that the space is not used inappropriately, or blocked by other vehicles. Access into school from the parking space is level with no obstacles. 

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