The Learning Experience

The curriculum is an expression of our vision as a learning community and reflects our intention to equip all students with the ability and passion to be life-long learners.  We are a school which expects and encourages all our students to exceed their expectations.

To ensure our students are well-placed to succeed in today’s competitive environment we have designed a curriculum to develop the abilities and transferable skills which will give them the edge over others when applying for jobs, college or university.  


The curriculum has been planned to provide each student with the opportunities to develop knowledge, understanding and skills in a broad range of subjects as well as their self-confidence and resilience to face every challenge head-on.  

We strongly believe that the development of a healthy and active lifestyle should be a key goal for all – just as the confident use of English and Mathematics is as important to us as teamwork and problem solving – so we provide for and promote the development of physical health, intellect, ethics and social behaviour through activities within and beyond the school.  Our aim is to provide an exciting and stimulating curriculum, which is tailored to the needs of students and allows maximum flexibility and choice.

Sewell Park Academy. Where you will find - 

  • A flexible, wide-ranging curriculum with a variety of inspiring and challenging lessons.

  • A focus on students achieving high standards in English and Mathematics.

  • A focus on developing skills such as: teamwork, perseverance, initiative, personal presentation, problem-solving, resilience and communication.

  • Learning personalised for individual needs.

  • Excellent preparation for further education and employment.

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